This week we are joined in Salem's Lot Studios by returning guest funny man Hunter Roberts! The fellas pick apart the Wes Craven misstep of epiccally bad VHS effects scale Shocker! We also learn a few more of Rob's peculiar tastes, we see the return of the Remake Game, and frankly do the lords work. Its a fum one to cram into your ear holes.




This week the guys are joined once again by musician, blood fiend, and friend of the show Ryan Wariner!!!


This epsidoe the guys are chewing thru the delighful and some how still socially relevant (politics am I right) William Lustig and Larry Cohen classic MANIAC COP (1988)


Included are an unpaid but very heartfelt schill for Shudder, the legend Bruce Campbell rears his masculine chin for the first time on our podcast, and I think we all learn alittle something about tolerance.




Letters from Camp Blood is BACK from a shirt hiatus due to.... reasons and they are back in a big bad way.


This week our friendly neighborhood gore hounds, Rob and Josh pick a part one the seminal VHS classics that went out of print during the DVD era and was THANKFULLY rescued from the burn pile by JJ Abrams with a gorgeous 4k restoration. Thats right this week the fellas watch Phantasm!


In this episode we get in touch with our femine side, Rob over shares a bit, and try to make sense of it all.


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We are a day late and $4.89 short when adjuted for inflation. This episode we delve into the hard to find, british gem HORROR HOSPITAL. It has nothing to do with the video game of the same name but what it does have is the dude who played Alfred in the 1990s Batman films AND certain gentlemanly swagger that only the Brits can bring. 

Josh and Rob are also joined by friend of the show, the guy who hipped us to this flick and AMERICA'S FAVORITE STAND UP COMEDIAN EVER CHAD RIDEN!

All that and we return to the pube talk well!




Hey Hey Campers!!!


This week Josh and Rob book the honeymoon suite at MOTEL HELL. The play a little fanatsy producer, learn some organic gardening tips, and go a whole episode with out discussing pubic hair.


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Hey there Campers! Heres your home work for this week, check out the trailer for Motel Hell!

Hey There Campers!!!!!


This week Josh and Rob watch the seminal direct to DVD, Full Moon Features icon Puppet Master and are... Confused. One of the guys reveals his first lesbian experience, they talk of puppet fucking, and boy hands!

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Heres your homework for tomorrows episode where th guys pick apart the Full Moon Features classic Puppet Master! 


Puppet Master Trailer

HI Ho Campers!


This episode Josh and Rob stretch out of the slasher genere to over analyze the 1986 classic, Critters. They make strides for gender equality in the heartland, they lament the plight of the american farmer, and prove that no one really cares about Billy Zane. It gets a little Cougary. Join us for our breakdown of Critters in, Billy Green Bush's Magnum Opus.


Hey there Campers!

Josh and Rob thought a little homework might make do you some good! Hence fourth we are gonna post the trailer/clips from the movie we are picking apart in case you haven't had the pleasure and don't have 90 minutes to watch a movie and 90 minutes to listen to us ramble.


Critters (1986) Trailer

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