Welcome back CAMPERS!!!!


The season of sequels rolls right along as we delve into the Anthony Edwards/ Edwards Furlong treasure Pet Cemetary 2!


In this episode we get a shocking confession from one of the guys, offer some helpful culinary tips for the modern bachelor, and we find out if the guys are cat or dog people.






This week Rob and Josh throw some B grade shrimp on the barbie as they pick apart a favorite of our spiritual mentor Joe Bob Briggs, The Howling 3: Marsupials. Do you like werewolves? What about cold war era intruige? Lemme ask you this, how does a fight for civil rights and a love thats against man's law sound to you? Welp Marsupials has it! Sort of!


This week the guys explore their erotic limits, Rob does a little at home surgery, and Josh finally meets his maker as far lady bush goes.


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After a short summer break, Rob and Josh have returned, freshly showered and refreshed! AND BOY ARE THEY BACK! 


We kick off our third Season The Return with a hum dinger of a sequel honoring (and burying a little) genre LEGEND the late great Tobe Hooper. Do your home work and feast your eye holes on Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2!


This week the guys talk about how they sent their summer vacation, contemplate mummy tits, and dream of one day opening thier own chainsaw emporium!!! 





Sort of. We are here to announce that we are coming back in just a couple weeks with Season 3- The Return! Just in time for the Halloween season! Listen to the episode for to find ut this season theme!! Thanks again for listening, we legit wouldnt be here without you!


Rob & Josh




As this season draws to a close and everyones parents come back to claim the bodies, we just wanted to take a quick second say THANK YOU to each and everyone of you who helped spread the word or just plain ol' invited us into your ear holes. 


To cap off season 2 of Letters from Camp Blood we delved deep into our little black hearts and came back up with a little diddy from 1986 that brought Daniel Stern and John Heard together for the first time C.H.U.D.! Cannibalistic Humanoid Underground Dweller. Also Rob's favorite school yard insult. 


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This week Josh and Rob met up to pay tribute to the recently passed George Romero. We had intended to watch one of the Dead Trilogy but to be honest Romero was a much bigger influence than just one movie, or even one trilogy. George left a lasting impact on not only Josh and Rob but on the Genre itself. 

Sit back and take a listen as the guys ramble abouthier love of the man's work and the fingerprints he left on horror as a whole.


We'll be back to our regularly schedueled dick jokes in our next episode as we bring season 2 to cloase and look onward to season 3 and beyond.


Welcome back round the campfire campers!

This week Josh and Rob joined inside Salem's Lot Studios by funnyman, musician, and tender lover Carter Glasscock!!!


The fellah hunker down and strip to the waist to take in and pick apart Clive Barker's debut film and the starting point for many.......intersting sequels 1987's Hellraiser!

The guys realize that Levi's 501s are a powerful aphrodesiac, realize that they are all over the map kink wise, and Carter breaks many things down for the good people of New Jersey.!!!!




Letters from Camp Blood is back after a one week lay over whle our fearless Consula Josh was on assignment in Sasquatch Country and boy are we back!


This week Rob and Josh are joined by comedian and noted cute animal aficianado Mary Jay Berger! This is easily one of our most fun epsidoes and over the course of an hour or so we make a couple references to the movie we spent 90m watching, Night of the Lepus which is legitamtely a great watch in a Joe Bob Briggsian way, but mostly the gang found themselves exploring their bodies. Don't judge. It's too natural to judge.


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This week the fellas are joined by co-host of The Road To Now history podcast, creatir and host of the Perfect Timing live comedy games show, and hilarious comedian BEN SAWYER


In a delightful change of pace the guys hunker down with a fun little yarn of child murder and hillbily vengence, 1989's Lace Henriksen tour de force Pumpkinhead


This week the guys ponder taking certain liberties with ceral mascots, lean hard into their natural southern drawls, and hopefully learn a little something about operating a small business!


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Ahearty Hello there Campers!


This time in what turned out to be a surprisingly great episode the guys make the grave mistake of tackling one of the OG video nasties, spoken of in hushed tones at creepy kid sleep overs everywhere, Cannibal Holocaust.


This week Josh and Rob loose their appetite, get waaaaaay of topic, and generally try to avoid the elephant in the room.


Also no games this week. We just couldn't as the basc white gals like to say.


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